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Class Challenge

Welcome to Class Challenge!

British Values

The children in Challenge Class understand the need of the Golden Rules within the Academy and are strongly encouraged to respect them. They are taught that all through their lives there will be rules which they will need to abide by. They begin to understand about actions and consequences.

Not only during PSHE, but daily, are the children encouraged to respect themselves and others. Understanding people live their lives differently and that is their choice.

During our ‘Living Things’ topic, the children learn to care for and respect other living things such as animals, plants and trees.

The topic ‘Celebrations’ gives the children an opportunity to explore different cultures and religions in detail e.g. Christmas, Hannukah, Divali, Chinese New Year etc... Whilst the Lincolnshire Syllabus for RE which we follow ensures other religions as well as Christianity are taught to the pupils throughout the year.

We also have an ‘Around The World’ to investigate different countries and ways of life. The children also learn to compare and contrast.

During the ‘Healthy Me’ and ‘Food Glorious Food’ topic, the pupils not only learn about, but are encouraged to make healthy lifestyle choices, not only whilst they are young, but all through their lives. They learn about where their food comes from.

Children learn about different materials and how some are precious and those we need to use sustainable materials where possible and the importance of recycling.

‘Houses and Homes’ gives the children a different insight into how others live and their needs.

A reward system in the class is ‘Sparkly Box,’ rewarding the children for making good decisions as well as putting a good effort into their work.

Promoting independence is on-going, especially as many children come to school reliant upon an adult to do everything for them. They learn the importance of being able to do things for themselves and how this improves their self-esteem.

Pupils take part in decision making within the class, including contributing to the planning,

Cooperative Learning takes a prime place in the class, giving the children better social skills, learning to work with one another, understanding they can learn from each other. They take on the role of ‘Coach’ and whether they are the coach or being coached; it has taught them effective communication skills.