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Class Perseverance

Welcome to Class Perseverance!

Our topic this term is Homes. Here are some of the activities that we will be doing over the coming weeks.

Literacy: In Literacy we will be creating information texts relating to Chinese New Year. We will be using various information sources and our skills of skimming and scanning to find information quickly. We will also be working on play scripts. This will include reading a variety of play scripts, identifying key features and then creating our own play script. Children will also have weekly spelling and grammar lessons.

Maths: This term, we will focus on number, fractions and time. This will include multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, recognising and finding fraction of amounts and reading the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Children will have weekly times table tests and by the end of year 4 are expected to know up to 12 x 12.

Science: In Science we will be focusing on magnets and forces. We will investigate magnetic materials, using Newton Meters, conduct fair tests relating to friction and creating tables and bar charts to represent our findings.

Topic: Children will be learning about the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

ICT: We are becoming programmers this term! This includes learning how to code programmes, using various websites and finally creating an animation in Scratch relating to Chinese New Year.

Music: This term the children will have music tuition and will be learning how to play the ukulele.

PE: We have swimming every fortnight on a Wednesday. On Wednesday afternoon a coach will come in and teach gymnastics. Please make sure your child has the correct indoor and outdoor kits in school and swimming kit for the correct week.

PSHE/ RE: In PSHE we will focus on rules and responsibilities. In RE, we will look at religious festivals. We will be concentrating on Chinese New Year.

DT: We will be linking our DT work with RE work. We will be creating moving dragons using pneumatic systems.

French: We will be learning lots of new vocabulary relating to ‘My Family.’

How you can help your child

  • talk with them about the work they are doing at school
  • offer guidance with any homework
  • encourage them to practise new spellings – these come home weekly on a Monday
  • listen to your child read every night, discuss what they have read. Please write a comment and sign their reading records as they will receive reading points for this
  • encourage them to bring to school books, pictures and materials from home

Please feel free to call in before or after school if you have any further questions or worries.

Curriculum links which promote British values

  • PSHE – children are learning about the importance of rules in the classroom, school and within our society. Children discuss why rules are important in the world and the consequences of breaking them.
  • RE – we are looking at a variety of different religions. We will be learning about their beliefs, festivals and how to respect those of different beliefs.
  • ICT  / DT / Science – we work in different groups. The children learn how to work co-operatively with each other and show mutual respect for other’s views.
  • Children use a variety of co-operative learning strategies in which they must show tolerance and listen to everyone’s views within their group.
  • Student council – elected by their peers. Come up with fundraising ideas for the school and charities. Meet to discuss any issues with teacher that they wish.