Attendance & Progress

Our school is committed to promoting the welfare of your child through regular school attendance. We know that every day lost to education can have a serious impact on your child’s attainment and overall progress in school.

We expect that in return parents ensure that their child attends school regularly and punctually and that holidays in term time are avoided. It is also important that your child is punctual; consistent lateness is detrimental to their progress and disrupts the start of the day for the class.

If your child is ill, then the school office should be notified at the earliest opportunity.

Reporting your child's absence

If your child is sick and is unable to attend school, please ring us. In order to safeguard our children, the school will try to contact the parents of a child if we have not received a notification of absence.

Authorised and Unauthorised Absence is all recorded on a child's attendance records. These records are electronically accessed and monitored in accordance with the Education Regulations. 

Throughout your child’s education we will keep you up to date and informed of progress and development but it is important to remember that you are welcome to see us at any time, particularly if you have any concerns or worries. We see the education of every child as being very much a partnership between home and school so it is important to have good communication between teachers and parents.