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Hogsthorpe Primary Academy

The staff of Hogsthorpe attaches a high priority to fostering links between the school, the home and the community. We seek to produce caring, well-educated, well-behaved and law-abiding citizens.

Remote Learning - Year 3 & 4

During this lock down, Mrs Tucker will be looking after your child alongside Mrs Clarke and Miss Sykes. 

Each week you will receive a phone call from a member of staff. This is to check if your family is healthy, if the learning is going well and to see if we can help in any way. However, please remember you do not have to wait for this phone call. Staff are available every day to either speak to Tel: 01754 872323, if the member of staff is not in school, they will be contacted to give you a call back.

Or, alternatively, you can email Mrs Tucker directly

Additionally, staff will be available through Google Classroom to give feedback to the children and answer questions. 

We really do understand how challenging home learning can be.  We also understand that sometimes motivation levels may drop.  If this is the case, please request a call from your child’s teacher to speak to them and you together.  This will give them a motivational boost - experience is proving this can work very well. 

All we ask is that everyone just tries their best! 

We are here to help and support!


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